RentRockRepeat is on a mission to keep fashion fun and inclusive, whilst reducing its environmental impact or costing you a fortune to keep up with trends.

We focus on maternity friendly styles, but we don’t cater exclusively to the pregnant woman. We know the modern woman’s life is always in-flux and she plays many roles – boss, go-getter, mom and more. We bring you modern fashion pieces, as beautiful and versatile as you.

Fashionably. Sustainably. Confidently.

pregnant woman standing near green plants
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We cater for your fashion needs and understand the importance that in providing both contemporary and classic ranges to choose from in a range of sizes. We strive to stay en vogue and work with modern and established designers.


The very nature of clothes rental means that items see more use rather than being left to rest in wardrobes gathering dust. We constantly analyse our own business practices and that of our suppliers to ensure our service operates as sustainably as possible while still providing value to our customers.


We want you to feel confident about yourself and confident about using our service. We believe in providing an uncomplicated product with high levels of customer service. If there’s something you’re not happy about, then we want to be the first to hear about it.

Our Recent Threads

Tips to Repair Bad Shopping Habits

Tips to Repair Bad Shopping Habits

Manu Taylor Sidhu22 Feb 20213 min read
We all love to shop for the latest trends, clothes and outfits; however, the reality is increased consumption has significantly impacted the planet. For example, did you know nearly 20% of global wastewater is produced by the fashion industry?
Circular Economy And Its Challenges

Circular Economy And Its Challenges

Manu Taylor Sidhu19 Feb 20213 min read
I came across the words ‘circular economy’ back in 2016 as part of a Sustainable Fashion Business management course in my MA programme. Prior to that I guess you could say I was less “woke” around the subject.
Ganni Repeat Rental Campaign

Ganni Repeat Rental Campaign

Manu Taylor Sidhu10 Feb 20214 min read
Ganni recently made headlines at Copenhagen Fashion Week with its Ganni repeat rental collection. This particular headline readily grabbed our attention, not least because we are a fashion rental startup.

Meet the team

Manu Sidhu Taylor

Manu Sidhu Taylor

Manu views sharing economy business models as timely stepping stones to achieving sustainability and revolutionising fashion consumption and disposal.

Manu has cultivated her analytical and business acumen skills throughout her career in Healthcare Finance. In 2016, she returned to school for her Master’s in Fashion Business Management, and ever since she has known helping to solve some large scale issues in the fashion industry is where she would like to focus her long-term efforts.  

As Cofounder and CEO, Manu is working alongside Phil to build an innovative product aimed at helping customers save money, and enjoy the newness of fashion in a responsible manner.

Philip Wattis

Philip Wattis

Philip saw early on the potential of a venture with a triadic approach – improving access to high fashion, saving people money, and an environmentally friendly business model.

While Philip has formal technical skills and isn’t afraid to dirty his hands cutting code, his true passion is in a business environment. Much of his value is derived from both his own startup endevours, including one successful exit, through to helping and advising dozens of technology startups over the past decade and more.

As cofounder and CTO, Philip is using his experience working with Manu to help deliver the vision, mission and values the business aspires to.